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About Us

The Headache CenterThe Headache Center is a division of Creekside Physical Medicine that specializes in the treatment of headache and neck pain.

We treat episodic and chronic migraine, menstrual migraine, cluster headache, chronic tension type headaches, and chronic neck pain. We also treat associated head and neck pain conditions including cervical dystonias, trigeminal neuralgias, palatal myoclonus, temporomandibular joint related pain, and chronic sinusitis.

These conditions are caused by an overactive Central Nervous System (CNS). After thorough diagnostic analysis we customize a treatment plan to decrease the offending elevated nerve activity. We have a variety of physical treatment options at our disposal including osteopathic manipulation, massage therapy, strengthening therapies and acupuncture. We will review sleep and dietary factors. If necessary we can employ medications including triptans, anticonvulsants, norepinephrine/serotonin support, as well as centrally acting muscle relaxants. Additionally, a variety of injections including trigeminal/occipital nerve blocks and chemodenervation with Botox can give relief to patients who need additional help after other options have been exhausted.

We take the time to match the right treatment plan with the specific features of each patient's complaints.