BOTOX® & Injections


Creekside Physical Medicine has been a forerunner in BOTOX® treatment in the Boulder and Longmont areas since 2005.

BOTOX® is a form of Chemodenervation that treats the nervous system. There are indications for the use of BOTOX® for migraine, neck pain (cervical dystonia and spasmodic torticollis), MS, eye disorders, spinal cord injury, bladder disorders, and even sweaty armpits (hyperhydrosis). Creekside Physical Medicine treats neck pain and headache with BOTOX® being one of our tools.


A variety of injections including trigeminal/occipital nerve blocks and chemodenervation with BOTOX® can give relief to patients who need additional help after other options have been exhausted.

For some patients, a migraine and anti-inflammatory medication is injected during treatment, for quick acting relief for an upregulated nervous system.

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